Live Stream & Videography

Live performances don’t have to be limited to your venue when you can invite the world to join in your experience.

Market your cause or career with live streaming and videography onto Facebook or YouTube. Engage your fans and build a following. Our video recordings and live stream capabilities use expert equipment from Top End, Schoeps, Newmann, Sennheiser, Audient, Canon, Focal. With live streaming and videography you can grow your audience and have a place for real-time interaction and contribution. It’s all about community and live streaming makes building community easy and cost effective.

Live Stream and Videography

Live Stream and Videography
£ 150
  • Fixed camera (Canon C100)
  • For Live Streaming onto Facebook or YouTube
  • Includes lighting
  • On location (FREE in Yorkshire UK - elsewhere call for a quote)
  • For further requirements contact for a quote