Hi, I'm David Rose.

I am an independent, York-based sound specialist, with an expertise in location recording for classical and jazz ensembles. With innovative recording strategies, cutting edge high-spec equipment and professional expertise, I can faithfully capture once-in-a lifetime live events or sessions on location. It won’t matter whether you are involved in an amateur production or an epic professional event – you can depend on me to capture the moment.

Photo of being in the midst of the violin section of an orchestra playing

Performance capture

With 30 years experience in location sound engineering, I pride myself in obtaining the best recording possible. It won't matter whether you are live in a concert hall or cathedral, or recording in sessions, with our experience I've got you covered.

Photo of a majestic cathedral with choral pews and the alter in the focal distance

Surround sound

There are few things more spectacular than the surround sound experience. With innovative wraparound performance layouts we can capture spatial cues to immortalise your performance in a way that goes beyond the norm.

Stylish photo of a mixing desk with close up of the faders

Edit and master

Capturing sound is just the beginning. To immortalise a performance and create a recording fit for commercial use or even to give away, you will need a digital recording that is also expertly and musically blended and mixed.

Session Recording

When you want to capture the ambience and acoustics of a live performance but without the worry of an audience or sudden mishaps. Multiple days, multiple takes – until that perfect performance is made real.

Live Recording

When you don’t get a second chance. Regardless of mains quality and availability – we use a uninterruptible power with ultra stable software drivers and a specialist noise-reduced computer, we record at both the computer level and independently. One take is all we need.

Live Stream & Videography

In this day and age live performances are not just limited to the concert hall, church, cathedral or venue setting. Live streaming, videography and photography can all be strategic components in raising your profile. With our specialist video-graphic, lighting and photographic equipment we can not only faithfully capture your sound but your visuals as well. Sharing live on social media means that the entire world can join in the experience.